Foreign Languages

Children at Key Point Coral Gables participate in Spanish and Italian language instruction.  Children are introduced to the languages through enjoyable and interactive games and activities. The language curriculum includes games, literature and an exploration of customs and celebrations. Foreign language classes are designed to introduce basic vocabulary, and a cultural approach to the Spanish and Italian speaking world. Children learn languages while having fun by listening to music, playing a variety of traditional games, as well as engaging in movement and dance activities, videos, and practical conversation.

Art & Music

Key Point Coral Gables's art program focuses on the exploration of a wide range of materials and mediums through open-ended activities that provide opportunities for enjoyment and self-expression. We place emphasis on process-art rather than product-art and strongly believe in the benefits that it presents to children in the different areas of physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language development. Children make their individuality and preferences visible to those around them by having time and space to explore, familiarize and create.  

Physical Education

Key Point Coral Gables's physical education program strives to teach the basic principles of health, physical fitness, nutrition and safety within curricular and extra-curricular programs. We support the children in developing fitness and health awareness by the following:
  • Fostering positive attitudes among the students toward competition and sportsmanship
  • Encouraging students to participate in extra-curricular activities like the afterschool sports program
  • Providing physical education classes, which guide students to develop fitness, coordination and basic motor skills


Technology is an important part of our education. SMART Boards, projectors and iPads enhance classroom learning, while a progressive technology curriculum allows students to express themselves while developing critical skills. We've implemented technology to keep our parents updated on their children's activities. Through the Learning Genie App parents receive instant updates on their child’s day at school: pictures/videos, activities, mood, books, songs, school reminders and daily routines (diaper, meal, nap for infant/toddlers). Parents never miss a moment. Technology skills are applied in the context of subject-matter learning, enabling students to acquire technology skills while they focus on their work. By the time they have completed 8th Grade, our students learn how to use technology to acquire, organize, evaluate and present information. At the same time, students gain essential skills for independent learning.

Key Point Coral Gables’s educational early/after school care complements formal education with engaging and fun learning experiences in its program. The program combines guidance and security with independent exploration to provide children with the freedom and structure they need.
Our program offers children a fun and educational environment with a great variety of activities. Hands-on teachers supervise children as they move from throughout the various interest areas.

Whether your child is a Key Point Coral Gables student or not, we would like to invite them to participate in one of Key Point Coral Gables’s after school programs. Your child will have fun, learn and explore, and develop their own unique talents. Visit our After School website to view all of our classes and schedules available. Have peace of mind knowing your child is in the best environment to promote their development.

Key Point Coral Gables’s summer camp encourages children to celebrate summer while exploring exciting activities from science and crafts to field trips and healthy lunches.
Our summer camp is designed to foster each child’s creativity and problem-solving skills, offering an entertaining environment.

Preschool students will enjoy a summer of guided investigations, interactive movement games, music, and art activities. Their program will also consist of outdoor science exploration, guest performers, special projects and activities such as splash days and sports.


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Key Point’s Piece by Piece Support Center compliments our curriculum and academic program to provide the best kind of education for all our children regardless of their abilities and developmental stages.

Through individualized reinforcement in all major developmental areas (communication skills, physical development, social-emotional, and cognitive), children will receive the support they need to reach their full potential.

Available Services:

–  Developmental Screening and Evaluation

–  Early Intervention

–  Individualized Learning Plan

–  Progress Monitoring

–  Push-in and Pull-out Services

–  One-to-one Interaction

–  Ongoing Parent Communication

–  Indoor Playroom

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